Third party certification is attestation that Quality(Environmental) Management System of an organization is established and implemented in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001 (ISO 14001) or its national standard KS Q 9001(KS I 14001). KAB accredits a certification body, meeting with requirements of ISO/IEC 17021, that is capable of performing quality (environmental) management system audits of an organization and determining its conformity.

An accreditation body in every country adopts ISO/IEC 17021 and IAF Mandatory document as accreditation criteria for a certification body of quality (environmental) management system. KAB accreditation criteria for a certification body of quality management system, and a certification body for environmental management system is KAB-R-01 respectively.

Third party certification system for quality (environmental) management system

As this page provides general guidelines on accreditation program to interested parties concerned such as KAB accredited certification bodies, applicants, organizations, and government agencies etc., this website shall not be used for the official route. KAB accreditation criteria and procedures for each management system are provided in Accreditation Criteria menu on the KAB website, and for interested parties it is recommended to download the documents as needed for review.