Quality Policy

  • KAB carries out exemplary accreditations in accordance with related laws and ISO/IEC 17011 to have organizations improve their performances and establish the basis for sustainable development.
  • In order that the accreditation and certification results are accepted worldwide, KAB leads the international accreditation areas by actively participating in the international multilateral recognition. (e.g. IAF, MAL, etc.)
  • KAB devotes its effort to develop the accreditation performance continuously by establishing and operating effective communication systems to recognize the needs of clients involved in the accreditations.
  • KAB concentrates on improving human resource capability to enhance accreditation performances, lead international cooperation, and meet practical needs for clients.
  • All of executives and staffers in KAB and its outsourcing personnel should understand and comply with the quality policies, and implement these effectively
  • The Chief Executive Officer guarantees that the quality policies are effectively implemented, all staff or committees are prevented from internal and external pressures or obstructions while the accreditation related tasks are conducted.