1. Operation of accreditation programs for management system certification bodies
    • Accrediting management system certification bodies
    • Accrediting personnel certification body
    • Arranging Certification Forum
    • Carrying out certification performance investigation and malpractice management
  2. International cooperation
    • Participating in the activities of international bodies such as IAF and PAC, and establishing IAF MLAs
    • Cooperation with foreign ABs for harmonizing the accreditation systems and assessing certification bodies
    • Participating in the international forum for sector-schemes (QuEST Forum etc.)
  3. Research & Development
    • Research for introduction of new accreditation/ certification programs and information promotion
    • R & D for introduction and promotion of Management System
  4. Promotion and Communication
    • Promoting ISO certification schemes
    • Publishing periodical Newsletter
    • Providing statistic information on accreditation and certification through ISO ICIN